Martial Arts Are a Way Of Peace

For me martial arts are a way of peace. They put your aggressions onto the surface, where you can dissolve them. Maybe you also need some breathing exercises to do it. If you go further it could happen that you dissolve your whole being. Then the two opponents are no longer separated. Who do you want to defend? There is no self to defend anymore. You have lost your fight and won it at the same time. You surrendered yourself into the fight of no-fight. Your heartmind became no-heartmind – Mushin. In Shaolin martial arts you have three important pillars, Wushu, QiGong and Chan, which means you are training your Fighting Arts and caring about your Health and Harmony at the same time. This will bring you the strength to survive in our modern world, you will be as healthy as possible and you will enlighten your mind.


Über kujiin

Kampfkunst, Gesundheit und Harmonie.
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2 Antworten zu Martial Arts Are a Way Of Peace

  1. Klaus schreibt:

    Klingt sehr einleuchtend.

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